Want to Know When Your Gums Become Unhealthy – Keep on Reading

Unhealthy gums are the cause of concern, don’t take your oral hygiene lightly. I mentioned in the last blog. Unhealthy gums can lead to some chronic diseases like diastase and heart disease. Guard the gateway to your body – Know what’s going on.

To prevent danger in the future, you should now signs and symptoms to read. Here are some that would help you.

Symptoms and signs of unhealthy gums

Gum disease mostly starts with a mild symptom that we all tend to ignore initially. Still, it progresses over time and becomes a big concern with followed up treatments.  So, before the unhealthy gums make process in your mouth, watch their steps.

  • The common gum disease is gingivitis; it is the mildest disease. Patients with gingivitis have chronic bad breath. They may have red or swollen gums that would bleed easily.
  • It can be treated by painting your oral hygiene with the regular tooth-care routine of brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing out all the plaque build-up between your teeth and gums. Most of the patients with gingivitis don’t experience any pain or tooth loss.
  • Though not treated over time, the mild diseases can turn into the dreadful one – periodontitis when the plaque and tart build up between the teeth and gums spread below the gum line.
  • In this dental problem, tissues and bone that support the teeth are destroyed by the bacteria in the plaque. It irritates the gums, and inflammation of gums is the result. The irritation at times causes the body to eliminate the tissues and bone further.

There are particular symptoms of periodontitis initially, but some of the symptoms are seen commonly faced by patients:

  1. Loosen teeth
  2. Chronic bad breath
  3. Bleeding gums
  4. Red and puffy gums
  5. Pus between the teeth or the gumline

Prevent all these descriptive diseases by using Purexa Healthy gums toothpaste

  • Purexa Healthy gums Toothpaste is the advanced herbal gum care toothpaste that protects against gum inflammation and bleeding gums with herbs like Meswak, Vajradanti, and Clove.
  • Herbs are the organic powerhouse that benefits all without adding any side effects. They have been in practice for years. Botanicals are considered best when it comes to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. They minimize harmful oral bacteria and keep them at bay.
  • It has advanced herbal formation that ensures gum care, including bleeding and swollen gums, with overall oral wellness.
  • Other vital ingredients include an extract of Almond, Babool, Chaal, Tumbru Beej, and Akhrot. To keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  • It also keeps a check on microbial activities to maintain your oral hygiene.

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After reading it, getting healthy gums seems like a long nightmare, isn’t it? Resolve the issue, and don’t let this nightmare be your reality. Use Purexa Healthy gums toothpaste now. Check the website to buy best mouth care products.


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