Healthy Gums Toothpaste

Advanced gum care formula

Protects against gum inflammation & bleeding

Keeps a check on microbial activitie

Recommended for healthy gums

Why Healthy Gums Toothpaste?

Herbs and their beneficial properties have been safely and effectively used in oral care for thousands of years. Botanicals are powerful in minimizing harmful oral bacteria, combating bad breath, and promoting healthy teeth and gums.

PUREXA-HEALTHY GUMS toothpaste is an advanced herbal formulation that ensures comprehensive oral wellness including gum care.

How does Herbal Gum Care help maintain healthy gums?

  • Healthy Gums formulation, with herbal activity of  Meswak, Clove and Vajradanti, helps prevent gum inflammation, reduces gum bleeding and keeps them healthy in addition to checking the microbial activity
  • Other key ingredients include extracts of Akhrot Chaal, Tumbru Beej, Almond, Babool, Camphor that protect against gum inflammation & bleeding
  • It’s a highly recommended product for maintenance of healthy gums as well as for complete oral care.

Clinical Study Validation

A clinical study was conducted to validate the product efficacy and its effects on the condition of the gum’s health, including bleeding as well as gums swelling, puffiness etc. (due to any underlying infection).

GRAPH : Descriptive data of change in PI, GI and PBI at different interval of time after use of gumcare toothpaste

Study Done At: Department Of Periodontics, P.D.M. 

Dental College, Bahadurgarh, Haryana

X axis - Time interval  : 

Y- axis - Mean value of PI, GI and PBI.

In the Subject Population which used the herbal toothpaste over a period of 30 days, there was a significant reduction in clinical parameters- Plague index, papilla bleeding index.

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Purexa healthy gums is a Gum expert formula, with herbal activity ofMeswak , Clove and Vajradanti which helps prevent gum inflammation, reduces gum bleeding and keeps gums healthy. It also keeps themicrobial activity in check. Other key ingredients include extracts of Almond ,Babool ,Camphor which provide protection against gum bleeding by providing astringent action. Use Purexa healthy gums toothpaste daily to keep gums healthy, teeth strong & breath fresh.
Brush twice a day and not more than three times for two minutes, minimize swallowing and spit out. Daily brushing twice is highly recommended for optimal results and benefits over a long term .
With twice daily brushing Purexa healthy gums is clinically proven to help reduce bleeding gums.It can be safely used on a daily basis & sustained period for maintaining gum health .It is enriched with the purity of herbal extracts which provide protection against bleeding and inflammation.
Purexa healthy gums toothpaste is designed for people with, or people who are susceptible to, bleeding gums and associated gum problems such as swelling , recession etc. It helps stop bleeding gums and also brings all the benefits of a daily toothpaste due to the presence of clove ,meswak , vajradanti , babool in strengthening enamel, keeping gums healthy and breath fresh.
Purexa healthy gums toothpaste is not for children aged under 12 years of age. Please consult your dentist for the most appropriate oral health care for your child.
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