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PUREXA Gum Serum bottle for stronger gums
Gum Serum for effective relief in spongy and bleeding gums
Why Herbal Gum Serum
With Extracts of Herbs & Orange Satva
PUREXA Gum Serum drop coming out from bottle
Gum Serum
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Experience a new era of Gum Protection in oral care with India’s only PUREXA
Herbal Gum Serum,
a harmonious blend of nature's bounty and advanced dental
wellness effective in Gum disease including gums inflammation along with bleeding
of gums & swelling of gums.. Infused with the rejuvenating essence of Vitamin C -
this innovative formula offers a holistic approach to gum health.

With expertly crafted Herbal Goodness & Astringent power , it revitalizes and
nourishes your gums against gingivitis & periodontitis, by promoting healing of Gums
Collagen Tissues and prevents receding gums.

Elevate to relief from bleeding & puffy Gums with PUREXA, where nature and
science converge to deliver a refreshing and effective solution. Unleash the power of
herbal vitality and Vitamin - C Satva
for a confident smile that reflects the pinnacle of
oral well-being.

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