Unlocking the Secrets of Gum Paint- Uses and Benefits

Gum paint is a topical solution that can be used to treat gum problems. It is designed to help with inflamed gums, bleeding, teething pain, and other gum conditions.

Gum paints work as astringents towards reducing bleeding. However, we must first identify the source of gum bleeding. The most frequent reason is a local build-up of plaque, calculus, and tartar, particularly when the patient brushes their teeth or eats hard-to-chew or non-vegetarian food. 

Another reason is if they are suffering from any kind of nutritional deficit. Hormonal fluctuations are the third factor; particularly during pregnancy, these variations result in bleeding gums. 

Certain medications also result in decreased salivary flow. When this occurs, bacteria from the dental plaque settle in the salivary flow, which can lead to gum irritation. Hence, bleeding might occur from gum infection. 

The first and most crucial step is visiting your dentist and determining the reason behind bleeding gums.

Once the reason for your bleeding gums is determined, you can seek appropriate solutions. Using a gum astringent will undoubtedly help repair and soothe the infection, reducing inflammation and providing you with some relief. However, it can only aid in healing once the root problem has been removed. That being said, there would be no relief from this condition if one were just to purchase gum paint or an astringent from a medical supply store, apply it, and do nothing to address the underlying cause.


PUREXA's Herbal Gum Healing Paint

PUREXA's Herbal Gum Healing Paint

Purexa is India's first herbal gum healing astringent, combining state-of-the-art dental science with the best of nature.

This special mixture is concocted to target and relieve typical gum problems, such as swelling, bleeding, and inflammation. It also works well in preventing tartar development, which is a significant cause of gum disease. It is particularly helpful in preventing unpleasant odours and guaranteeing cleaner breath.

Why Choose PUREXA herbal gum paint?

Why Choose PUREXA herbal gum paint

Our gum astringent, enriched with the anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin C - Satva, aids in preserving gum health. It provides strong protection against gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Our astringent represents the perfect mixture of herbal substances and medical innovation.

It strengthens your oral hygiene regimen through herbal goodness and astringent power, promoting the mending of gum collagen tissues and preventing receding gums. It is natural, secure, and devoid of side effects.

Our herbal gum paint is created using only herbal substances which guarantee that you benefit from healthier gums without experiencing any negative side effects.

Our gum astringent is a gentle yet effective solution for your gum care needs, and it is completely devoid of harmful chemicals, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a natural route to dental health.

Principal Advantages for Your Gums-

Principal Advantages for Your Gums-

Repair and Defence - Specially designed to nourish your gums, our gum paint addresses issues like tartar accumulation and foul odour and battles any signs of gum disease.

Loaded with Vitamin C - Vitamin C - Satva found in our gum paint promotes stronger, healthier gums.

Herbal Goodness - Designed with a stress on natural healing, our gum paint provides a nourishing and practical gum care treatment.

Our gum paint is perfect for anyone who wants a natural yet effective gum care solution to resolve issues such as bleeding, swelling, or inflammation. It provides relief from the discomfort associated with gum problems, making it ideal for people searching for an alternative to conventional gum care solutions.

How to use Purexa gum paint?

  • Before applying, make sure your gums are clean and dry.
  • Apply a tiny amount of Gum Paint Gel immediately to the afflicted region using a clean fingertip or cotton swab.
  • To guarantee adequate absorption, gently massage the gel into the gums for a few minutes.
  • For best effects, use twice daily, in the morning and at night. There's no need to rinse after application.


Gum paint can help provide immediate rest and relief to your gums provided they are taken under expert care and guidance. Purexa gum paint is the only herbal gum paint in India. It combines the restorative qualities of vitamin C with the natural efficacy of herbs. Follow a good dental routine and visit your dentist periodically to nip all dental problems in the bud.


Written by Dr. Shipra Jaiswal, BDS, MDS, a Periodontist and Gums Specialist

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