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Advance Ulcer Gel from Purexa Treats Mouth Ulcers Effectively

purexa blog 155th dec

Ulcers in mouth are extremely common and can be caused due to a lot of reasons. There could be thinning of the tissue lining in the mouth which can result in mouth ulcers. There are a vast variety of actions which can lead to the occurrence of mouth ulcers. Whether it is accidently biting your […]

Feel the Supreme Benefits of Using a Probiotic Toothpaste

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Sushma may be brushing her teeth with activated charcoal toothpaste, and health food shops may be selling the oral essentials infused with vital foods and vitamins, but they aren’t the only trendy elements making their way into dental care.  What is the most recent add-on to keep an eye out for? You guessed it right, it’s Probiotics. Purexa, […]

Is Mouth-Ulcer Causing Trouble?

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Let’s deal with it together. Mouth Ulcer is another common dental problem we face. The abrasions that pop up in our mouths are painful. The person with a mouth ulcer faces difficulty in eating and drinking. Usually, they are harmless and disappear within a week, but if they don’t, consult your doctor. As per stats, […]

Don’t Want to Lose Your Teeth?

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Keep Reading to Maintain Healthy Gums to Enjoy Your Meals in the Future A bright smile makes a day, but the bleeding gums won’t do the same. Maintaining oral health is necessary; ignoring what your mouth says today would cause big trouble tomorrow. Read and act carefully. Healthy gums don’t just impact your oral hygiene […]

5 Things You did Wrong that Caused Tooth Sensitivity

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Eating your favourite ice cream somehow becomes anguishing? Yes! Tooth Sensitivity has paved its way in your mouth. Instead of grabbing the full spoon of chocolate brownie ice cream, letting it freeze in the refrigerator is a crime. Even while flossing or brushing, you find yourself wincing. While you are laying back on your couch […]

Keep Your Breath Fresh by Using Antioxidant Mouthrinse

Antioxidant Mouthrinse fm

Even after brushing, you aren’t satisfied with your breath? Keep it fresh all day by using the best Antioxidant Mouthrinse in India – Purexa. Maintaining your oral health is a wise decision; you are at the right platform to gain information to keep a check on your dental care. Bad breath and plaque buildup don’t […]

Switch To Bamboo Brushes And Say No To Plastic

Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush 1

Switch to Bamboo Brushes to look after not only your teeth but the environment as well. Protecting your teeth isn’t enough now; conserving the environment is the requirement as well. While you are trying to save your future by regularly brushing out the bacteria’s, you produce plenty of waste that harms the planet. About 7 […]

Try Purexa Peroxide Mouthrinse – Best Mouthrinse in India

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Are you looking for a Mouthrinse to take care of your oral hygiene? While you are surfing through the search engine looking for one, why not try the best one. Before picking out the most suitable Mouthrinse, understand the formulation and perks of using the Peroxide Mouthrinse. What is Peroxide? Chemically named Hydrogen Peroxide is […]

Balanced Nutrition for Better Oral Health Care

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Add Purexa Oral Wellness Products to Your Cart Now Your diet can cause chaos in your mouth; what you eat impacts your entire body, including your teeth in the list. All the food items and beverages come in contact with your teeth and do the damage consistently. The phrase – “ You are what you […]

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