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Orthodontic (Braces) Kit


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For Best Use:

Combo of Purexa Probiotic Toothpaste,Advance Ulcer Gel, Antioxidant Mouthwash & Bamboo Toothbrush.

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Product Description 

This KIT is most relevant specially for those Kids & Young adults wearing Braces &Aligners.. Our Oral Wellness plays an important part of our health & wellness as mouth is the gateway for all these bacterial & viral infections. With India’s first Probiotic toothpaste, the newest yet proven concept is to reduce the cavity causing bacteria’s S.Mutans& is replaced with healthy probiotic bacteria B.Coagulans. With 200 million CFU/gm of healthy bacteria, it inhibits the growth of cavity causing bacteria & helps to counter the reduction in pH so that the teeth are not prone to cavities while undergoing Braces treatment. The Antioxidant Mouthwash provides Oral wellness & healing with the goodness of Coenzyme Q10 & Fluoride to make the teeth stronger. With additions like Myrrh & Tea Tree Oils, it provides antibacterial & antiviral effects. Usage with Purexa Ortho Bamboo Charcoal bamboo soft brush with specially designed “V-shaped Bristles to accommodate wires” provides gentle & effective cleaning thereby reducing the chances of caries while undergoing Braces.The Advanced Ulcer gel with its active ingredients like CPC, Lignocaine & Xylitol provides instant relief to ulcers due to wires & braces in seconds.The muco adhesive action of pectin provides long term adhesion of the gel onto the ulcer & promotes healing faster. Packed for you in Transparent Orthodontic Kit Pouch to carry / store anywhere.

For Best Results :

Regular use of Purexa Probiotic- anticavity toothpaste morning & night with Purexa Ortho Bamboo Charcoal Brush provides oral wellness& protection from cavities. Use antioxidant mouthwash- ½ cap undiluted twice a day for antibacterial & making enamel stronger with flouride. Apply Advance Ulcer gel three times a day for three days.


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