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Are you negligent towards the type of toothpaste you use to brush your teeth? It can definitely be overwhelming with plethora of options available, however, making the right choice is very important. You need quality toothpaste to help you maintain your oral health. 

Traditional toothpaste are undergoing constant improvements, to ensure they are equipped with less chemical and better ingredients that improves overall oral health. Probiotic toothpaste is one such great option, you may wonder what it actually is? Let’s first address this. 

What is a Probiotic Toothpaste?

Probiotics, are also addressed as ‘friendly bacteria’. They boast of numerous health benefits and also prove to be the best for gastrointestinal health. It has various other benefits, here are a few of the benefits of using oral probiotics:

  • Fights bad breath – Probiotic toothpaste can effectively help fight bad breath which is usually caused by bacteria present in the mouth or gut. Significant researches have been carried out in this regard and the results are positive. 
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  • Decrease in gum diseases – Probiotic toothpaste play a role in significantly improving and handling inflammation from gum disease. 
  • Prevents plaque – The cavity causing bacteria creates an acidic environment in the mouth which later on lead to cavities and plaque. With probiotic toothpaste, plaque formation has witnessed a significant dip. 

Researches have been conducted over the use and health benefits of probiotics for the oral health. The research has also proved that it is highly effective in fighting gum diseases, bad breath, cavities, and plaque formation.Bacillus coagulans, the friendly bacteria which is inhibited with the colonization of cavity causing S-Mutans, helps create a balance in the overall oral microbiota. This helps improve oral health and prevents pH from falling to a level that leads to tooth decay.

200million CFU/gm proves to be a helpful bacteria which is a probiotic that leads to inhibition of S.Mutans, which leads to:

  • Balance in the oral microbiota.
  • Maintenance of the oral pH level.
  • Significantly low rate of tooth decay.

Purexa, a leading brand offers high-quality and world-class oral wellness products. Purexa offers Probiotic toothpastes that have been curated after years of research. Being a brand by one of the best dental expert in India, Purexa only offers the best. The probiotic toothpaste by Purexa has a combination of Fluoride and Xylitol, this combination has many benefits. 

  • Anticavity effect which is due to the antimicrobe effect.
  • Improves tooth integrity.
  • Balances remineralization process of the tooth enamel. 

It is very important to address the dental problem you are dealing with, for instance, find the best toothpaste for teeth whitening if you wish to lighten the color of darkened teeth. Similar to the problem of teeth discoloration, there are other dental problems as well. Most of these problems can be prevented. Here are some very important oral health chores you must accommodate in your everyday chores.

  • Brush twice a day.
  • Floss your teeth everyday
  • Chew properly
  • Visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

Taking care of oral health is as important as physical and mental health. If you don’t wish to experiment and just want something that is tested for safety and offers what it promises, then try Purexa’s range of oral healthcare products. 



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