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Sensitive Toothpaste

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Manufactured using herbal ingredients


Highly effective in treating teeth sensitivity

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Herbal elements help in building the enamel

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Prevents teeth from further decay

Product Description

Why Sensitive Herbal Toothpaste ?

Tooth sensitivity is normally an indication of underlying issues like weakened enamel, recessed gums, or cavities. Under such circumstances, using PUREXA SENSITIVE toothpaste, for mild to moderate sensitive teeth, is a good idea. It treats your pain & sensitivity issues in a sustained manner.

How does Herbal Toothpaste treat sensitive teeth?
1. Scientifically formulated herbal toothpaste with pure extracts of herbal components makes it effective in treatment of sensitive teeth.
2. Natural elements such as Spinach, Rhubarb, Arnica & Licorice provide quick relief from sensitivity by occlusion of the dentinal tubules.
3. Meswak, Vajradanti, Clove and Cinnamon fortify its strengthening action on teeth and gums.
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What makes Herbal Antisensitivity toothpaste different from its contemporaries ?

The unique combination of it formula which encompasses Spinach , rhubarb root , licorice and arnica provide symptomatic and lasting relief from hypersenstitivity.Not having any chemical ingredients makes it more safe and devoid of any side effects.

Is the Herbal Antisensitivity Toothpaste directed to cure senstitivity only ?

It has multiple benefits besides management of mild – moderate sensitivity carcinogenic and many more. Licorice( Mulethi ) extracts have shown beneficial effects in preventing and treating oral diseases like caries, periodontitis gingivitis.

How early is the Antisensitivity effect observed ?

The onset of action is within 5-7 days of usage in cases of mild to moderate sensitivity.

Are there any adverse effects due to potassium nitrate or any chemical presence in this product or a caution for hypertensive population ?

There are none,It’s a purely herbal based product devoid of any chemical inclusions ,It can easily be used by hypertensive population also.

Yes ,purexa sensitive not only provides quick as well long lasting relief from symptoms of hypersensitivity , presence of multiple herbal ingredients also confers it an overall oral health benefit properties.

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