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Herbal Gum Astringent

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Available with the goodness of herbs

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Reduces gum inflammation

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Heals wounds & kills bacterias

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Heals gum tissues and improves gum health

Product Description 

Why Herbal Gum Astringent?

Once a patient has undergone dental prophylaxis, Purexa Herbal Gum Astringent, available with the goodness of herbs, helps them maintain healthy gums, provides timely and effective relief in conditions like spongy & bleeding gums, gingivitis, etc. Delivers best results when used with Purexa Healthy Gums toothpaste.

What are the benefits of Herbal Gum Astringent?

  1. Neem & Tulsi: Antibacterial & Antiplaque properties

  2. Almond & Fitkari: Astringent for bleeding gums

  3. Green Tea: Antioxidant promotes healing

  4. Orange Satva: The purest form of Vitamin C source for healing collagen gum tissues



Who should use Purexa Herbal Gum Astringent ?

It is indicated for gingivitis. It has antiseptic and astringent property. Thus used as the hemostatic (blocks bleeding) that helps in bleeding gums, and makes the gums stronger & healthier. It decreases gum inflammation, treats wound, kills the bacteria, gives a refreshed breath, thus maintains oral health. It is also recommended for periodontitis (inflammation of upholding network of teeth mainly periodontal membrane). It inhibits tissue deterioration by preventing the enzyme matrix metalloproteinase which acts as one of the potent determinants of gum disease. It has analgesic property, thus decreases pain associated with diseased gums too.

How does Purexa Herbal Gum Astringent work ?

This herbal product is formulated from medicinal extracts of these key ingredients : Neem as antibacterial ,Green tea as astringent , Orange satva ( Vitamin C source) healing of tissues , Almond as astringent , Tulsias antibacterial , antiplaque agent Clove for pain relief along with antibacterial , anti inflammatory activity , Alum as astringent to stop gum bleeding.

At what frequency should Purexa Herbal Gum Astringent be used ?

It depends on the existing clinical condition and severity – ideally to be used twice a day. Opinion of the dental professional is advisable.

How is Purexa Herbal Gum Astringent different from others ?

Purexa herbal gum astringentir enriched with a unique herbal formula with Vitamin C extract to fasten healing of tissues. Also the presence of multiple active herbal ingredients provides several medicinal properties to improve gum health.

For what duration should Purexa herbal gum astringent be used ?

It is to be as per the opinion of the dental professional under whose guidance treatment is being taken depending on severity of the condition.

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