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Is Mouth-Ulcer Causing Trouble?

Let’s deal with it together.

Mouth Ulcer is another common dental problem we face. The abrasions that pop up in our mouths are painful. The person with a mouth ulcer faces difficulty in eating and drinking. Usually, they are harmless and disappear within a week, but if they don’t, consult your doctor.

As per stats, it has been found that one out of 5 people has been found to suffer from ulcers. These mouth sores aren’t contagious. Learn about the types of mouth-ulcer to understand more.

There are three types of Ulcer:

  • Minor Ulcer: This mouth ulcer doesn’t last more than two weeks and is around 2-8mm.
  • Major Ulcers: They are signified by the name, are comparatively and large, and more painful. They take time to heal and leave a scar afterward.
  • Herpetiform Ulcer: This is the most painful one, here a bundle of ulcers formed in one place.

Well, now that you know the types of ulcers. I bet after reading the details; you want to avoid these sores in your mouth.

How to prevent it?

There is a particular way to prevent mouth-ulcer, but some listed below are considered helpful:

mouth ulcer gel
  • Avoid acidic food.
  • Keep Chewing gums aside
  • Brush gently as the bristles might irritate ulcers and aggravate them.
  • Try taking Cold foods to use your stomach.

The occurrence of mouth-ulcer is also related to overall health. Upset stomach, immunity, nutritional problems, and deficiency of zinc & iron also cause mouth ulcers.

To ease your pain, take the best Advanced Ulcer Gel – Purexa.

With PUREXA – Advanced Ulcer gel, you will get rid of mouth ulcers within 3 days, when used 3 times regularly. The medicated gel formula provides instant relief & quickly heals the pain caused by mouth sores & ulcers.

Benefits of Advanced Ulcer Gel

What are the benefits of Advanced Ulcer Gel?

  • Provides effective relief and heals faster
  • Pectin based for a better adhesion gel on the Ulcer
  • With Advanced formation
  • Get rid of mouth ulcers three times a day to get maximum benefits.

Buy Purexa Advanced Gel now – to get rid of the pain and sores in your mouth and enjoy your food without pain.


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