Purexa Global Announces Launch of its World Class Oral Wellness Range on Amazon and Flipkart

  • Date: 31 Aug
  • Address: E – 154 Basement, East of Kailash, New Delhi, 110065

Purexa, a World Class Oral Wellness brand, recently announced that its oral Wellness product range are now available on the popular shopping websites, Amazon and Flipkart.

To cater to a large customer base, this range has been made available on widely-recognized shopping platforms. Purexa has revolutionized the idea of oral healthcare with its range of effective oral healthcare products like Probiotic Toothpaste, Antioxiant Mouthrinse, Bamboo brushes & many more. A complete line of products have been developed that are suitable for varying teeth types and provide solutions for all the dental problems. To bring convenience and comfort for our customer base and to expand horizons, the company is introducing an entire product range on Amazon and Flipkart. “We are extending our products to these eCommerce platforms so that our products reach to a larger audience and everyone can get benefits from world-class Oral Wellness products.” states the company. Purexa Global extends a variety of best in class products, namely, Probiotic toothpaste, Advanced Ulcer Gel, Bamboo Charcoal toothbrush, Herbal Gum Astringent, Sensitive Toothpaste, Healthy Gums Toothpaste, Antioxidant Mouthrinse, Peroxide Mouthrinse Bringing Oral Health Products Closer to People Purexa Global is aiming to offer the best line of products to people who need them. The company offers a complete range of products that are developed from safe and effective ingredients to take all-round care of your teeth and mouth. Purexa is actively widening its horizons and launching products on the top ecommerce platforms for customers is another big step in the same direction. Order the best products for oral health from Purexa and get complete oral care. Connect at: Purexa Global Pvt Ltd Contact: +91-11-42683449, 4182459 Mail us at: enquiry@purexa.in