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Switch To A More Eco-Friendly Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush For Double Benefits

Brushing teeth before bed is not always in our minds. The bed calls instantly when we return from a long day of work. Brushing teeth before bed seems a very tiresome work therefore we always find an excuse not to do it. Our mind continually says, “from next day onwards for sure”. This explains why […]

6 Tips To Adapt While Brushing – Keep Bacterias At Bay

Want to maintain your oral hygiene? – Keep Reading When you see a spit of blood while brushing – know the symptom, your gums aren’t healthy. It’s an early sign of gum disease. Prevent it before; it creates more damage. Healthy gum is concrete to a healthy smile. Bleeding or swollen gums are usually caused […]

Switch To Bamboo Brushes And Say No To Plastic

Switch to Bamboo Brushes to look after not only your teeth but the environment as well. Protecting your teeth isn’t enough now; conserving the environment is the requirement as well. While you are trying to save your future by regularly brushing out the bacteria’s, you produce plenty of waste that harms the planet. About 7 […]

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